Thursday, 2 October 2008

Puerto Viejo, another little Paradise....

Hi all...Hola..

Sorry for the late report on another little find in Costa Rica..

After a 4 hour bumpy ride, in not one of the most comfortable buses, we arrived in a tiny, sleepy
town on the Carribean Coast, Puerto Viejo. That's Amy, I and a new found friend, Belinda , a fellow Volunteer from Hong Kong.

Carribean in every way from the rastas hanging out of the roadside the very chilled waiters taking about an hour to serve a meal...hehehe..

But not to worry, we soon got the hang of things and acclimatised to Carribean beach time.

I can't recommend enough Banana Azul. Hidden amongst the rainforest ,on the edge of the Carribean Sea, stood this idyllic and gorgeous hotel made of natural resources. The team are from Canada and serve your every need, including a special request to have dinner on our terrace. Truly a memorable moment, dinner with Frederique and Julia , a couple from the states , also ex students of Maximo Nivel. Under the stars with the sounds of the ocean..with the occasional yell from a mosquitoe bite...ahh...muy romantica..heheh.. Don't worry, no marriage proposals for our Amy!!!

Something must have been in the air because all our intentions of checking out local national parks went out of the ..terrace. Chilling...on the beach..on the terrace...with the swealtering heat...the occasional good book..and the sounds of Buddha Bar on the ipod was on my agenda!!

The only down point of the whole experience was my constant effort to dodge the 5 dogs in the open air restaurant and lounge...and beach...hehehe.. yes..I can hear many of you giggling in the background.

So if any of you are in need of peace, to be in touch with nature and to have a beach all to yourselves, head to Banana Azul ( ) and send my regards to Tony and Michel!!!

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heshan said...

wow.........I wish I was there.